Joy Gayle, LCSW-S, ACM-SW

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Phone:  (281) 937-2977 Ext. 503


I have long believed that folks like us, who work tirelessly to meet the needs of the hurt and broken, are uniquely designed to do the work we do. We’ve all heard it from others who aren’t in the helping profession: “How do you do it?” or “I could NEVER do the work you do!” And it’s true – they couldn’t. But we can, and we do – day in and day out, opening ourselves up to be available to those who desperately need our care and counsel. Because this is the work we are called to do.

Yet what about those days when we don’t have anything left to give? How do we show up and turn off the noise and demands of our own lives long enough to center and focus on the pain right in front of us for that 53-minute session, stringing several together across the course of a day? And how do we leave it at the office in order to show up for our families without carrying the heaviness of the stories we heard into our homes at the end of a day? That’s where I pray my role as the HOPE Team Chaplain will come in. For you – the ones doing the heavy lifting as we serve those in need – as an additional level of support.

My training and licensing is as a Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor; about 2 years ago I also became an Accredited SW Case Manager.  I’ve worked in a variety of care settings – predominantly in health care and in private practice as a Christ-centered Therapist – for a little over 30 years here in the Houston area. I moved to Houston in the mid- 80s and attended grad school at U of H. During those years, I always felt drawn to a Christ-centered private practice, as I worked with patients and families to navigate some of life’s most difficult waters.  I pursued private practice on a part-time basis while caregiving an ill spouse and raising my kids. Eventually, I found myself ready to respond again to God’s prompting to re-enter private practice.

Then I met Heather. She and I quickly discerned that the Lord had something unique in mind for me to do as a member of the HOPE team and now I am thrilled to be called to serve as Team Chaplain. Having been a caregiver and clinician myself, and leaning heavily on my faith to carry me through the darkest days of widowhood and witnessing others’ traumas on a daily basis, I know how critical it is that we, the caregivers, receive care as well. But sometimes it’s hard to step away from the work we’re doing long enough to lean on someone else – be it for a moment, or for a season – to receive the care and encouragement we need.

My prayer is you will join me as we build on this wonderful community together so that when the call to respond to the needs of others, for which we are all so uniquely gifted comes, we will not only be ready, but we will be well-able. I look forward to partnering with this amazing team, and hope you will reach out anytime I can be of service to you.