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Raymon Yates Supervised by: Jossie Quintana, MS, LPC-S


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Contact Information

281-769-2238 ext.595



Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate








Insurance Accepted




Hello, my name is Raymon Yates! I am an LPC-A for Clearhope Counseling and Wellness Center practicing at our Pasadena office.

I am a husband, father, and grandfather. I have chosen to pursue a career in counseling to help others when overcoming the challenges that life provides. I desire to help clients by partnering with them by understanding their story, strengths, and goals. I believe that each client is a unique individual and the expert in their life.

I work with individuals who need help with substance abuse, addiction, anxiety, and depression incorporating a systemic approach to problems using Solution-focus, Narrative and Cognitive Behavioral therapies. I strive to develop a strong therapeutic alliance with my clients to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment when my clients feel empowered and supported.

Congratulations! Seeking counseling takes courage and I admire each person who takes that first step to wellness. Together we can take the journey, and like most journeys there can be some challenges. However, my hope is that each client will find the hope and courage to overcome each challenge to realize a fuller and more enjoyable life.

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