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Emily Hladik


Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Contact Information

281-769-2238 ext.574



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist








Insurance Accepted




I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#202560) and received my Master’s degree from Oklahoma State University. I enjoy helping clients find the strength and perspective needed to create positive and meaningful change by developing new thinking skills, and by taking action steps, toward a mutual sense of vulnerability and connection. I use- and teach- unconditional, positive regard and critical thinking to better equip children and families with effective approaches to helping each member feel valued and understood. I am committed to creating a supportive and affirming environment to help clients as they identify and respond to problematic patterns in thinking or behavior..

My background as a school counselor has given me insight into the complexities of child and adolescent education, as well as to the difficulties that they and their parents may experience during these critically important, developmental years. I have experience working behind the scenes of 504 and IEP plans and collaborating with parents and teachers to help their students succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

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