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Katie Escobar


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Licensed Clinical Social Worker








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Reaching out for help can be difficult, but it is an important first step in feeling better.
Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment to change or loss, or a
relationship issue with a family member or partner, you don’t have to sort it out alone. My approach to the therapeutic process is client-centered and solution-focused. I will
work with you to understand your unique situation, help you formulate goals, and assist
you in developing strategies for reaching them. Throughout the process I will collaborate with you and remain mindful of your personal belief systems. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of
Southwestern Louisiana and my Master of Social Work degree from Tulane University with a concentration in families and children. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License 19201) experienced in working with individuals, couples, and families. I have
worked with a wide range of issues including surviving abuse and trauma, anxiety,
depression, self-esteem, workplace issues, parenting, blended families, issues of
adolescence, communication and relationships. In addition, I have two decades of experience in public education where I have worked with children with diverse learning and emotional needs.
I am passionate about helping others bring about positive change in their lives. I believe everyone has the potential for growth. I would love to work with you.

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