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Educational Services

Heather Lambert has 17 years of experience as an educator.  She is a certified teacher and school counselor, She worked as a teacher, school counselor, Lead Counselor and administrator, and 504 coordinator. Heather is a licensed professional counselor and a certified trauma specialist.  She continues to lead trainings for counselors, teachers, LSSPs, and mental health professionals


She has presented her inspiring and challenging messages locally and at national conferences,  Some of her clients include:  Dickinson ISD, Katy ISD, Pasadena ISD, Pearland ISD, Spring Branch ISD, Stephen F. Austin FQHCC, Mental Health America of Greater Houston,  The National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME) and many other community organizations. 


Educational Advocacy Services include:

  • Attending and advocating at initial, yearly, and requested 504, ARD, and IEP meetings.

  • Advocating for disabled students' rights.

  • Evaluating school communications and advising parents/caregivers regarding their rights.

  • With parental consent, serving as a liaison between school personnel and families.


Contact Heather:


Phone:  281-769-2238 ext. 501

Your right to have an educational advocate at your IEP, ARD, 504, or educational meetings is protected by:

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), in both the federal statutes and regulations. Under 20 U.S.C. §1414(d)(1)(B)(vi), the IEP team may include “individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child” at the discretion of "the parent or the agency.” (emphasis added). Under 34 C.F.R § 300.613(b)(3) of the IDEA regulations, parents have the “right to have a representative of the parent inspect and review the records.” (emphasis added).

Fee for services:

The standard fee of $110 per hour applies.  (additional fees for travel may be incurred.)


As insurance does not generally cover these educational services, a sliding scale is available to help those in need access the support.  


Please inquire at for additional information.


Heather Lambert, LPC is a member of COPAA the Council of Parent, Attorneys, and Advocates, Inc.



Heather is also a CEU Provider.  For online Continued Education Units, (website coming soon!)

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