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When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to feel like it unraveling or falling apart. My great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through real life experiences, that directly or indirectly caused one trauma or a significant amount of stress. I possess an ability to connect with an individual, regardless of what differences we may have, we have life in common. I help my clients, which includes children, adolescents, and adults, to find healthy perceptions of themselves, and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

My therapeutic goal in life is to help people learn how to love themselves, period!! Some days, it's easier to love yourself versus some other days, but I believe the journey is part of the fun, and by fun, I do mean peeling back the complex layers of our inner self and putting in the effort to be the best possible version of ourselves. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (including Trauma Focused CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, Substance Use and Abuse (Addiction), Play Therapy, and have a collective applied experience of 5 years.

My educational background includes a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, as well as a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. Outside of my passion for therapy, I am committed to my family, drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, and making sure my energy is always vibrating on the highest frequency.