Shawn Taylor

Therapist, LPC, LSOTP, LCDC

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281-769-2238 ext. 504



Licensed Professional Counselor



Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider



Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor






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Shawn Taylor’s professional career has spanned over 20 years as a Criminal Justice Investigator with the Houston Police Department, Career & Technology Educator with Spring ISD, and now as an independent Mental Health Practitioner. The common denominator among those battling life’s challenges in each of these professions is that most individuals are motivated at the core to find solutions to initiate behavioral and lifestyle changes, but most lack the logistical “know how” to effect permanent change within their lives.

As a psychotherapist, this is where Shawn employs his existential knowledge and skills to help individuals achieve wellness through the self-discovery process. A collaborative process based on the appropriate coaching and questions that assist one in delving into internal actionable steps—promoting self-insights to uncover the best solutions for life-altering outcomes.

Shawn Taylor earned his MA in Counseling Psychology from the Houston Graduate School of Theology in (2014). He is licensed to practice professional therapeutic services in the State of Texas as a:

LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor under license #73416)

LSOTP (Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider under license #99449)

LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor under license #12929)​

Shawn is passionate about exemplifying unconditional positive regard with his clients which acts as a causal agent to inspire, counsel, guide, and teach individuals how to reframe maladaptive thinking errors and behaviors causing psychotic/neurotic mental health challenges. He utilizes a therapeutic approach that is based on a Solution-Focused perspective with cognitive behavioral and motivational strategies. Shawn's goal is to help clients implement self-efficacy strategies for cognitive restructuring depressive and anxious episodes, reframing traumatic situations, behavioral modification reducing stress and anger that fostering internal conflict resolution.