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Hi, my name is Kanisha (Kuh-ne-shuh)!

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker for Clearhope Counseling and Wellness Center practicing out of our Sugar Land office with individuals age 10 & up. I also work with students at several campuses throughout Fort Bend ISD. I enjoy working with individuals who have experienced trauma and need assistance coping with life stressors and navigating difficult situations. I have worked with families, adults and adolescents, groups, and organizations to achieve their goals through compassion and partnership throughout the change process. I am experienced in addressing anxiety, depression, anger-management, grief, substance abuse, stress management, and a host of other needs.

I am passionate about wellness through the mind, body, and spiritual connection. My therapeutic approach is to start where you are, and I pride myself on understanding my client's needs through your point of view and meeting you where you are. I believe that if I provide individuals with a stigma free space, unyielding support and accountability, and strengthen their self awareness, that allows them to deepen their relationship with themselves and assume personal responsibility for their mental health. The best outcomes in therapy are fostered by a strong relationship with a skilled provider who is patient, empathetic, and committed to your goals.

I applaud you for seeking out help. Let's work together to help you activate courage, navigate transitions, seek out your purpose, and discover your true self. Let's Talk.