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Angela Limbrick


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281-769-2238 ext. 540



Licensed Professional Counselor








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As a Texas licensed professional counselor, I have been helping adults, children and parents for five years create the life they want, a more rewarding and satisfying one. I use brain- and evidence-based interventions to develop individualized treatment plans that include education on how to better manage symptoms such as difficulties concentrating, completing tasks, anger issues, depression, anxiety and about effective ways to improve one’s way of thinking without jeopardizing their cultural and spiritual beliefs. I worked with children ages three to five-years-old using direct and non-direct trauma-informed play therapy with those who have experienced some type of trauma, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy with teens in office- and school-based settings and in a residential treatment facility, and cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapy with adults.

I have a passion for assisting teachers and parents with ADHD students in developing an effective behavior plan to help students utilized strategies that
enabled them to consciously regulate their own thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

I completed my undergraduate from University of Southwestern Louisiana and my graduate studies in counseling education from the University of Houston-Victoria Sugar Land. I am a therapist who utilizes my counseling education, current research, and years of experience as a former
secondary teacher and professional school counselor to create a genuine therapeutic relationship with clients to help them gain a more adequate acceptance of themselves.

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