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Ashley Hughes


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281-769-2238 ext. 601



Licensed Professional Counselor - Asssociate








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Hi, my name is Ashley HUghes, and I am a Licenced Professional Counselor - Associate practicing out of the Sugar Land office for Clearhope. As an LPC-A, I currently work under the supervision of Ly Tran, LPC-S.
Prior to my training as a counselor, I worked as a certified teacher in Fort Bend ISD, and am also a certified school counselor. My experience includes working with children with a wide range of needs including those with disabilities. I believe it is important for children to have the necessary tools to be successful in life, and my motto to children and teens is “YOU CAN DO IT” with the right guidance and support. I am no stranger to life’s struggles, and have had my fair share of trials and tribulations from surviving divorce, narcissistic domestic abuse, loss of parent, and infertility issues. Using my experiences and professional knowledge, I also aspire to help adult clients overcome life’s challenges and adversities, and hope to provide all my clients a safe and non-judgmental space to seek the support they need.
My counseling approach is based on the Humanistic and Pragmatic school of thought. The therapeutic perspectives I gravitate towards are Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered, and Play Therapy for children. I best serve clients by incorporating a variety of therapies and techniques based on individualized needs. Counseling to me is a process and by working together, therapeutic goals can be achieved. I ultimately aim to give you the tools, skills, and resources necessary to lead a peaceful and content life.
My favorite biblical scripture is Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible”. Through the grace and love of God, He gives HOPE which has been a fundamental strength in my life.

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