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Throughout this journey called life, we’re given an opportunity to write our story. Our story is written based on the choices we make. We never know the outcome of the choices we make; we just do it because we must. However, sometimes the choices we make may possibly result in a negative outcome that we’re not mentally or emotionally prepared for. These negative outcomes may lead to adversities that can be traumatizing and cause us to become stagnated. When you’ve reached this point in your life, seeking professional help, such as mental health therapy is highly recommended.
I’m Jasmine Owens and I provide therapy from a reality therapeutic approach as well as a cognitive behavioral therapy approach along with many other therapeutic approaches to fit the needs of the client. My key objective in providing therapy is to enhance emotional and self-awareness. Overcoming obstacles in life begins with you. My goal is to empower and assist in guiding the client throughout life’s journey to overcome adversities, trauma, and overwhelming emotions. Life can sometimes allow us to get lost and lose sight of who we are. With therapy at Clear Hope Wellness, you’re given the opportunity to find yourself, but the first step begins with you.