Cheryl Crosby

Clinical Director, LPC-S

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“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them.”-Steve Marshall

I invite you to take the first step to deal with the problems that are blocking you from happiness. We all deserve to live happy fulfilling lives. Life will throw us challenges; how we deal with them is in our power. When the world says “give up”, hope whispers “try one more time”.

For over 25 years I have had the opportunity to counsel individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds. I have also had the privilege to work with active duty Military, Veterans and their families. They have all faced a multitude of challenges with courage and grit. I want to meet you where you are in your life journey, to walk beside you and work with you to overcome the roadblocks keeping you from your happiness.

Each of us has an intrinsic ability to overcome obstacles and improve our lives. I want to create a safe place for your healing and wellness. My goal is to achieve an empathic and respectful connection with you and your loved ones. Each session will be individualized using various therapeutic and evidenced-based approaches to support the best outcome.

Join me on the road to achieving your happiness, where we work together to learn how to deal with the problems blocking you today.